Our industry experience has taught us the value of automatic fire protection in the real world.

We know the practical limitations of conventional sprinklers and pre-engineered water-mist systems in homes – not to mention the drawbacks of passive options, like compartmentation and fire doors (which are often left open). Which is why we developed our own active fire suppression system – and made sure that Halo is both effective and economical for homes of all types.


Key features of Halo against other domestic & residential suppression systems

Product / system type Fire Mist System Traditional sprinkler systems Pre-engineered wall-mounted systems
Water Usage 12 ltrs/min 40-60 ltrs/min 6 ltrs/min
Activation Frangible bulb Frangible bulb Heat alarm
British Standard (BS) BS 8458 BS 9251
Typical Cost (whole of house) £ ££ £££
 Points To Note Reliable activation

No special water supply / tanks

Minimal water damage if activated

Fully compliant with British Standard

Cost-effective system & installation

Reliable activation

Fully compliant with British Standard

Additional tank / booster pump may be needed

Substantial water damage if activated

Higher system & installation costs

Susceptible to false alarms

Risk of obstructions to sprayhead

Potential shadow areas

Minimal water damage if activated

Relatively low cost for single small room

How we meet your needs

At Quenchfire, we work closely with the property owner and their professional partners.

We provide our design work, planning service and drawings for free.

And we install a fire suppression system that will meet all your needs: