What is ?

The Halo Fire Mist System is the most cost-effective alternative to fire sprinklers for domestic and residential buildings. Halo is manufactured by an ISO 9001-certified OEM manufacturer in the UK.

In independent tests, Halo’s performance more than satisfied the stringent requirements laid down in BS 8458 for high-pressure water-mist systems in residential properties of individual open spaces of up to 32m2 In domestic properties, up to 80m2

Problems solved with

Halo overcomes the difficulties associated with conventional water sprinklers and some alternative high-pressure mist systems.

The fire suppression system

Years of hands-on experience in domestic fire protection and building construction have gone into the design of Halo.

The components of our system are robust and reliable, and manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards:

Sprayhead / sensor

Each ceiling-mounted nozzle contains a temperature-sensitive bulb, which shatters – only, and without fail – when the ambient temperature reaches 57°C, activating the Halo system.

The Halo nozzle nearest the fire instantly emits a fine spray of water droplets over the area (up to 16m2 per  nozzle).

Compact and discreet, the Halo nozzle slots into a standard downlight fitting (GU10).

Pump unit

Also manufactured to ISO 9001, in the UK, the Halo high-pressure pump runs off mains water at 12 ltrs/min and 140 bar.

A compact unit, the pump set can be located in a cupboard, basement or other discreet location.

Electrical power is provided by a standard 20Amp / 230V supply, separately fused, with a power failure alarm.

Once activated, the pump triggers an audible alarm independently of any smoke or fire alarms in the property.

As an option, an alert can also be relayed to a remote monitoring service or the property owner/manager.

Other elements

Lightweight and flexible high-pressure hoses connect the nozzles and pump(s).

A priority demand valve ensures that mains water is dedicated to the Halo pump when it is activated.