As well as combustible material, any fire must have heat and oxygen to sustain itself.

Halo uses water mist at high pressure to rapidly suppress both fire and smoke – the most common cause of death in house fires is inhalation of smoke and toxic fumes.

How does high-pressure water mist work?

As fine water droplets spread towards a fire, they quickly absorb heat energy, evaporating to form steam.

Steam has a dramatic cooling effect. As atomised water mist droplets expand 1600-1700 times, they absorb far more energy than water from a sprinkler.

At the same time, the steam displaces oxygen and combustible gases, starving the fire of another essential driver.

The combined effect is to smother the fire, cutting off its oxygen supply and cooling the combustible material and associated gases.

This buys vital life-saving time for people to escape. Fine water mist does not impede their evacuation.

Having controlled the fire, temperature and smoke, the water mist also prevents the fire from re-igniting.

Damage to property is limited further because of the comparatively low volume of water involved and the absence of the heavy run-off caused by a sprinkler system.

Where to use 

High-pressure water mist has been proven to protect life and property in numerous applications.

With Halo we bring this technology into the home in an affordable and easy-to-install package.