TheFire Mist System
Protecting People and Property
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  • Style with safety – there's no compromise with Halo
  • Building in Halo fire protection adds value
  • Manage the heightened risk in care homes with Halo
  • Halo is more discreet and cost-effective than water sprinklers
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 Homes need automatic fire suppression

 The Halo Fire Mist system is a high-pressure water-mist (HPWM) system that  suppresses fire in any type of home.

 As an architect, builder, or owner of a domestic or residential building, you need to  protect people and property.

 Halo is a more effective, practicable and affordable alternative to conventional water  sprinklers.

 Independently tested, Halo fully complies with the new British Standard for water-mist  systems.


Professional fire protection comes home

The Halo Fire Mist system is not a watered-down version of industrial-standard sprinklers or some kind of ‘work-round’ for building regulations.

Certified to BS 8458, Halo is designed specifically to protect dwellings of all kinds – from family homes and apartments to care homes and even listed stately homes.

The Halo system is manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards and installed by fire protection experts.



"The watermist system suppressed the fuel packages and met all the criteria specified in Clause 6.1 (a), (b) & (c) of BS 8458:2015 for domestic purposes at a maximum of 80 square metres; and Clause 6.1 (a) of BS 8458:2015 for residential purposes at a maximum of 80 square metres."